Norwegian Gem One-Night Cruise from NYC


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A few weeks ago I went on a one-night cruise aboard the Norwegian Gem. They called it a "Cruise to Nowhere," which sounds a little silly, since one of the cool things about cruises is getting to island hop and see amazing new places. But I actually really enjoyed my cruise. It was a great way to focus on what the ship itself has to offer. Exploring the ship was fun, but my favorite part was definitely the entertainment. They had a really fun new show called "Get Down Tonight" that showcased 70s pop hits, even TV theme songs. The performers were very talented and had so much energy. The welcome from the cruise director was hilarious as well. "Here you are on your cruise... about three miles off the coast of New Jersey. World travelers." And even better was open mic karaoke at the Bliss Lounge. I met the nicest people and had so much fun. I wouldn't say the food was the greatest, but the buffet on deck 12 had a soft serve ice cream machine, so I can't complain too much :)

NCL does these one-night cruises every month. I'd love to hear experiences that other people have had on one-night cruises. What did you think?