Montego Bay, Grand Caymen, Cozumel - What Excursions/Sites


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I'll be in these areas in Feb 2014.

I would consider a "Short Excursion" (2-3 hours) in any/all of these places. I don't want to feel "held hostage" all day, if you know what I mean.

I would be most willing to take a taxi somewhere if you suggest that it's "cool" -- I probably wouldn't just sit on the beach but I like to site-see, shop and most of all I like to find a good bar with the beach/ocean in-sight. Are there any places that have swim up bars, or maybe beach chairs & umbrellas?

I'm trying to be "specific" but I am hesitant because I'm open to all ideas based on YOUR experiences at these ports. If you can't suggest a "good" place - feel free to let me know what I should SKIP if you had a bad experience.

Thanks for your feedback -- I'm new here but I'm glad I found this site/forum



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Take a look at Shoretrips, whether you consider using them or not they will give you a pretty good idea of places to go and things to do, also don't cut the cruise lines excursion information short, you can get some pretty good descriptions there as well. Of the three I would say Coz has the best string of bars facing the beach and water.


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Coz - is a great place to rent a car and do the Island. If you have a DD there are great bars around the islands beaches.

GC - been a while cause our last cruise missed the Island due to weather….but there is/was a bar right across the street from the Tender pier. Upstairs and a view to all the comings and goings. Watch all your fellow pax step out into traffic looking the wrong way. :whistle: I rather injoyed the Turtle farm and everyone must go to "Hell" here..