Meringue cake with strawberries - for JacquieP


Food and Beverage Manager- Special Contributor
Jacquie, you asked for the recipe of the Meringue cake I showed a about a week ago. It’s very easy to do as I use a ready made bottom (flan case) but meringue is not that difficult to do yourself (I've heard… :biggrin:).


Put whipped cream and vanilla ice cream on top of the first layer of meringue, then a new layer of meringue and on top of that again whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Decorate with some strawberries.
Remember to eat it directly after it’s made as the ice cream will melt if you wait for too long… :whistle:

I think it’s a good “summer cake†as it has ice cream in it.



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Thanks, Erik! Strawberry season will be here soon and I absolutely have to try this. If it tastes a fraction as good as it looks, it will be fantastic.