Liz update


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Nothing much to report she is on the mend. Stents seem to be working, blood pressure is leveling out. Standing and walking are the problems now legs are not strong enough. She really appreciated the cards she recieved from you addicts. Alf


Just praying she is on her feet soon. Hugs Maw


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Thoughts and prayers continue. Please let Liz know that Neil and PizzaBoy and I are thinking of her.


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Good to hear she is holding her own & that things are improving. Now to get those legs to work.
Tell Liz hello & that I am thinking of her.
Thanks for the update.


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Thanks Alf! I have been wondering how Liz is faring while the board has been down. It is great to hear that progress is being made. Hugs and prayers!


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One step at a time! Glad to hear she has started on her road to recovery. The best to both of you.