Joanne and Bibb are you snowed in?



How about some pictures? How much snow did you get?

We have high winds today it will be 67 degrees and then a big cool down. But I'm hearing on the news you guys got some large snowfall.

I hope you are all doing OK.

Donna - dsw

Yeah, I love your "Backyard" photos!

Hope you are safe and sound and warm!

Cruise cutie

:wave... we got maybe 9" of snow.. but a bunch of FOOLS were on the road, because they had to go like Bats out of a TON of accidents...If you took your time, and just drove slower.. it was fine..since the first snowfall was substantial.. it made it more messy..=shrug.. took me maybe 8 minutes to get to work instead of I have said before....

"if you cannot manage to DRIVE like a normal person in snow conditions....WHY ARE YOU LIVING in New England?????".... stupid idiots.. drives me nuts..=grrr..and then you have whiners..I don't like the snow, I hate cold, I don't want to deal with it all.. blah, blah, blah,, fine, then stay HOME..; or leave and move to Florida!!......personally I don't mind's -40F that bothers me, or ICE..:(.. but as is the norm.. if you give yourself a few more minutes its fine..thanks for asking...:)..Joanne

H2O babe

We received about 12 inches all day and night Saturday and then this a.m. (Tuesday) a lovely Alberta Clipper has come through and is dumping about 5-8 more on us!! We, too, had lots of fender benders and go in the ditch drivers----I often wonder if some of these folks have never driven in snowy conditions before! Being raised a Minnesotan I've been doing it all my life! I also love the snow---we are avid outdoor enthusiasts and our area up here in central/northern MN so relies on snow for tourism. I am happy for those folks as we've had many winters in the last several years with very little snowfall.

Personally, I'm hoping for a 2 hour late start tomorrow at school!


connie seabee

Gee Bibb, I sure do miss your backyard photos.

We're suppose to get 4 to 6 inches of snow starting tonight into tomorrow. Joann, I agree, I don't mind the snow, it's the ice.