Is This A Good Time For The Jones Act To Go Away


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With all that's going on this could be a good time to take another stab at repealing the Jones Act and give the cruise lines some breathing room once they can get back in the water.


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A lonely Canadian voice for its retention. Will really hurt West Coast Ports in Canada if removed.


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Although I agree with the opinion expressed, the Jones Act has nothing to do with cruising; it only affects freight carrying vessels. The Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA) is the law that directly concerns cruise ships that carry passengers between US ports. One of the big catches is that a passenger vessel that is not a US Flagged Ship (only one - NCL sailing in Hawaii, not including river vessels) cannot sail exclusively between US ports without stopping at a "distant" foreign port. What is a distant foreign port adds to the confusion.

It is best to quote the correct law, but it is typically not: