I do not recommend MSC Cruise lines


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We'd be interested in details of what you evidently didn't like.


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Based on your original post, you were cruising the Med, MSC caters a lot to Europeans, I would think even more so in the Med so could it be a chance that you maybe just didn't fit in? Maybe the expected comfort zones weren't there?
Again based on your other post. You requested information about doing things on your own, which would indicate you are an adventurer, adventurers are usually adaptable, was the ships service so despicable that it overpowered your ability to adapt???

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I know I did not choose them a few years ago for our Med cruise was because they let kids cruise free. I did not wish to find out what that was like.:(


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I went on a visit to the MSC Opera, which sails out of Southampton. I'd be prepared to take a trip on the ship, because we were told that there are usually a lot of British passengers and the announcements are made in English to start with.

MSC has a lot of good single occupancy deals, but I'd be wary about taking a ship that sailed out of one of the Italian ports in case there weren't many English speaking passengers on board. I'd hate to be stuck on a ship alone where I couldn't find anyone to chat to!


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We went on a MSC cruise in the Caribbean with friends and family. We have been on many cruises and MSC won the worst cruise hands down. We would never go with them again, even if they gave us a free cruise. The entertainment was terrible and most evenings we sat in a lounge watching one of the staff being tied to a post for laughs. I wish I could find the photo we had taken of us all pretending to be asleep. The food was barely warm and they did the strangest things to the most common foods. The port times were very short! We did not find the staff friendly or helpful. The one positive.....the ship was new and beautiful.


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they have some great ships but the entertainment is awful....and the services are just not there....Would defintely second haji and nononsense42...been a couple of years though....hope they have improved.