Holland cancelled the 2019 82 day cruise

gin arnold

New Member
We took our first cruise in many years as we are "backpack" travelers and friends talked us into the Holland Antarctic 22 day cruise and we really enjoyed it. We live in Ecuador (retied from the U.S.) and had hoped to make the 82 day trip, as it had many sea days and was a nice crew on our last cruise. We had made an on board deposit on the Baltic cruise but due to family commitments had to move our deposit to future cruises and had hoped to do the 82 cruise that was cancelled. We now hope to find another substitute that might combine 2 different cruises but still give us a similar intermarry of ports. We spent years in SE Asia with a business, and have seen many countries, so for us sea days and good food is important. We are readers, like good conversation but do not require a lot of entertainment. So any suggestions are appreciated and happy to offer same, as we live in S America. Like most retirees cost is certainly a factor.