Help with info on ports for my wife.


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I am looking at a cruise on MSC to Cozumel, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Havana. I have not cruised in 15 years since my youngest daughter had a subdural hematoma from a fall and had to be airlifted to the US. Anyhow, my wife last year fractured both right lower leg bones and has plates an screws, and has a screw in left foot. I remember years ago some stops required using tenders to go ashore. Do any of these ports use tenders? She would not be able to handle that.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.



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Cozumel and Ocho Rios will dock, last time I was in Cayman it was tender, not sure about Havana but have heard that they have a cruise terminal, so that sounds like a good thing. I would love to do a stop in Havana, just for the car show


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Confirm Tender still in Grand Cayman ....


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Agree with the others that Grand Cayman is (and always will be due to many problems/issues with building a pier) a tender port. Normally tendering is a real pain, but in GC they use their own tenders that are large and carry many passengers each trip. Much better than having to use the ship's very small, in comparison, tenders/lifeboats. One problem that can be a be pain is coming back to the ship. Sometimes the lines to return can be long and hot.

BTW -- We was on MSC's Seaside this past December and had a great time (we were on the "eastern" trip). If at all possible, book a Yacht Cabin and you will be treated like a king and queen. The best "experience" that we have had on any cruise including suites on Celebrity, Princess, and RCCL.

Also, do not miss the evening main theater shows. All production shows, which usually I cannot stand, but in this case, they were outstanding.

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We were in Cozumel last week and msc docked in middle of town so no tender is needed and walking distance to many restaurants and shops, same goes for Jamaica they are two of my favorite ports . Grand cayman is a tender , not sure about Cuba