Help needed for a day in NYC


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Morning y'all! Next June, my family and I are taking our first transatlantic from Barcelona to NYC. We will be on the Radiance. We already purchased our flights, but we will have around 6 hours in NYC. We are hoping to use a luggage storage facility and try and see Central Park, The September 11th Memorial and possibly the Statue of Liberty...I know we won't get all of them, but I'm coming to y'all for as many tips and tricks as possible. :)

So far, all I have been able to find is that Carnival typically uses the Manhattan Port, but we can't really see if we can get out of there best by bus, subway, or if we have to take a taxi. We really don't want to do taxis if at all possible with 5 of us and our suitcases. So I guess I am asking where is the best place to put our luggage and how to get there. Of course, any other tips are greatly appreciated. Happy holidays!


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hmmm..sorry I have no idea about New York Maybe someone else can help?

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Not sure if your cruise line has luggage direct, but if they do they can transfer your luggage from ship to airline, you do not even see luggage again till you reach home airport. Works really nice normally 25 dollar fee per person, we had it for free since we had a suite. Do try to make it to 9/11 memorial, might try to prebuy timed tickets.