HAL Lincoln Center Stage musicians document their 2019 contract


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Merry Christmas everyone!

If you miss cruising, we - musicians on Holland America Line - have been retroactively documenting our travels from our 5-month trip through the Baltic and Mediterranean ports in 2019. If you want to travel vicariously with us, here is our first episode explaining how we came to be cruise musicians and the rehearsal process before we get on the ship! We have six episodes out, detailing our time in Norway, Amsterdam, and Reykjavik. Next stop is Spain!

View: https://youtu.be/1F2eT7zgas0

We'd also love to know if there are other vloggers here or anyone who would like to share pictures and stories of your past trips. Hopefully we will all be on ships again not too long from now...


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Look forward to seeing them..
Have spent lot of time on Holland ships and have several crew friends through the years, though mostly now retired or moved on.