Goodbye Maw. Until we meet again

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Staff Captain
The world lost one of the good ones on July 10 2022
Maw was the life and soul of this board for many years. She was the kindest and sweetest person that I ever had the pleasure to meet.

When we first started doing group cruises it soon became apparent just how big a draw she was. Wherever maw was.. so were most of the cruise addicts.
We finally dubbed the area that you found her as "Maw's Office"

She even had her own sign.

She had mobility issues, but that never slowed her down. Oh the times that we all helped her down into catamarans etc. Something that most in her position would have felt daunting. But not Maw ;) She was game to try anything.

Her and Paw were a pair! What fun the people from this board had with them both.

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Finally Maw's Office is closed. We will miss you Maw.

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