Good TGIF Morning Afters



Gosh it is cold here 4 degrees but with a wind chill lower. We won't hit 25 degrees again today. It is very icy out there the news reports lots of accidents everywhere.

Still feel pretty punk I ran a low fever all night. I couldn't take the flu shot because of the medication I am on and with no sleep for a week I'm not surprised that I am ill. The kids had been sick off and on just before I arrived.

Mike has to drive into the mountains today. I hope they have treated the roads because we got lots of snow and those mountain roads can be dangerous.

Mom said Gram is still acting very confused. And this confusion is causing her to be very cranky. I fear for what this means. I've accepted that she is 92 and I've had my grandmother a great part of my life but it is still very difficult. I'm going to try to get home for a long weekend in another month to see her again. siggggh.

My Mom flies back to PA on Saturday and is worried about gram and my brother. My brother who lives in an apartment at my grandmother's house will be having surgery in about 2 weeks he severed the tendon in his arm at work when he fell 12 feet from pipe he was working on. He is going to be in a cast for about 6 weeks and out of work 4 months or more. So I'll try to get home and check on family in February if I am able.

So that's about it on this end. While I know a day at home might be what I should do I'm going to try to make it in. I'm just thankful for the weekend.

Everyone have a good day.


All that snow you sent our way lasted for about 5 minutes and then turned to a rain/sleet mixture. It was pretty while it lasted, though. Hope you start feeling better soon!


Judy, I can sympathize with you, I have that dang cold too. No fun, but after two days of a lot of sleeping, I need to get going and get some things done today.

....and your snow, well I heard from DS last night, and he's having a ball. He said it's cold, but he's used to that, it's like Michigan weather. They bought a 3-day pass so they can snowboard at five different resorts. They will get their money's worth, for sure.

The blizzard is heading here for Michigan today, but will miss us in the lower part of the state. BUT, dear MIL is due for 8-10 inches today. DH is there so he will take care of the plowing and she's very happy about that. Then I'm sure he'll be snowmobiling around the Cadillac area.

Hope everyone that has this cold/virus gets better soon.

Have a good weekend all!


good moring after

Well it is very cold here in calif also I hope that my friends from Denver got out. I will give them a call this afternoon on my friends cell and hope for the best. We are due to go out for dinner with them this evening.
All is well in our zoo so to speak kids are back from their dads and the cats are still not getting along what else is new. DD cat went outside yesterday and we all worried if she would come home and he did.
Not much happening here today or this week end.
well everyone keep warm and have a nice day.


Ahoy Afters. Heading up to NJ from here at the office around noonish. Going to have a post Christmas celebratio with the folks, my sisters and their families. Not much else happening here. Only rain on the way for us thank goodness!


Good morning. Woke to snow here but just a thin layer. But in British Columbia, we don't handle snow very well!

I have a doctor's appointment at noon, so I am hoping that the roads are cleared by then.

Take care everyone and get rid of those bugs.


connie seabee

Judy, I hope that you will feel better as the day progresses. You sure have had more than your share of snow out there. It's snowing here today, but we won't get much, most of it is north of us.


Awww Judy! I'm so sorry to hear about your Gram. It is very tough to watch such a decline.

You take it easy today....even at work...and do nothing but rest on the weekend!

I'm hoping it won't be too long before we can see some of the Christmas photos of your little darlings. They are so sweet!

Donna - dsw

Hey everyone!

Busy morning at work with nothing going right! lol Oh well, it is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend.

Tonight I am going to dinner with friends (Kristi and Jeff) at a new Mexican Rest in town. I can already see that pitcher of "Rita's". lol

Going to clean house good this weekend and since Jim is gone I can crack up the music real loud while I clean!

Supposed to get some rain off and on this weekend. Hey Ohio weather just comes and goes as it pleases.

Good News - Colleen went home! She will have a Home Nurse check in on her daily and will have to receive the IV Antibotic for at least 4 weeks - but she is doing so much better. No ideal how long before she heads back to work - but she is improving. Thanks so much for all your good wishes, comments, emails, etc. It sure helped!

Jim cleaned her house real good yesterday before she came home and he spent the night there last night. He will be coming on on Monday around 2:30 pm. I know he can hardly wait to get home too!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Be careful and enjoy!