Good Sunday Morning Afters



Brrrrrrr it is cold and snowing outside. Yesterday was close to 70. Today and tomorrow cold temps and then back up to more seasonal temperatures. We won't get much snow it is supposed to rain later, but it is a good thing to stop the fire danger we have been under. There is so much undergrowth that is dry from the winter and things haven't greened up yet that the danger of fire has been high. Soon the snow will be behind us.

Killian continues to do OK. I am a bit worried because he is having episodes of back sneezing. It could be because of the swelling, and it also could be because he had that trachea tube during surgery and he has irritation. I do worry though because it also could mean that a sinus got nicked during the extraction process which wouldn't be a good thing at all. I'll keep an eye on him over the next day and then if he has to go back for a check I'll take him in. I should start seeing some improvement in him today. He is eating well and drinking so that is good.

Just hanging out today getting a few things done and will watch NAPCAR latter on.

Pork Chops in the crock cooked with mushroom soup, mashed potatoes and peas for dinner today. Killian will enjoy that.

That is about it on this end! Any exciting plans?

Make it a good one afters.


Good Morning Afters!! I just got up, I am sleeping too many hours on the weekends....feels good though!! :D

It is much cooler here this weekend, too. Not nice to go out and work in the yard at all. Bummer!!

Glad Killean is doing better!!

Happy Sunday Afters!!


Corky Paw was disappointed he coyuld not work in yard today too. Too wet and cool. Judy I want to come to dinner at your house. Love porkchops baked with mushroom soup . Maybe if I put a bee in Paw's ear he would try this. His porkchops are always so dry and I have trouble bitting them and chewing.

Hope all have a good day today. Rest up for the work week.


Good morning,

Judy, keep the rain there as long as you can. They are saying that the thunderstorms will be here tomorrow. Also hope little Killian continues to get better. I hope today is the day he turns the corner.

Corky, I'm still thinking about your wonderful dinner from last night.

I'm off to church then we are going to grill some delmonicos outside. It's been a long winter and this will be the first time for the barbeque this year.

I did take a walk around the yard and noticed the daffs and the tulips are poking through! I can't wait for the flowers :daisy

Have a good Sunday with some R & R :)


Maw - Tell Paw I am right there with him, we are getting such nice days through the week and then the weekends are cold, windy and/or wet. Not fair!!! :lol

Reggae - we have plenty of leftovers....come on over! :)


Brrr. Its colder today also. Yesterday sunny and about 75. Today drizzley and about 55. But its Sunday and sundays are always nice.

Donna - dsw

Hello eveyone!

Was nice and sunny here - but clouding up now. Supposed to rain later but be warm for us. Upper 40's.

Tomorrow is the opening day for the Indians baseball season - hey last year they got snowed out.

Jim and I had a wonderful dinner last night. Everyone had been talking about a new place in town. We finally got reservasations to go last night and was very surprised when we walked in and knew the owner. Hadn't seen him in years and didn't realize this was his place. We were all glad to see each other and he still remembered our drinks after 4 or 5 years! lol I had a ground Fliet Migeon meatloaf and it was wonderful. Jim had the 7 oz. steak and you could eat it with a fork. Chocolate / Coconut cake for dessert. We will be back - - no doubt.

Need to get out and take a walk later before the rain sets in or I will have to do a double work out after last nights meal.

Then we will be heading to the club this eveing. They are giving away $500.00 every 1/2 hour for four hours. Wish me luck as I would love to win that money!

Hope you all have a great day!


So, was NAPCAR a typo? I laughed at that....I'm a sports nut, but just can't get into that one!

DH has his fantasy baseball draft today, so it's just me and the boys. We've been to Costco, the grocery store and McDonald's for lunch. Ben is napping, and I may head up for a snooze myself!

Take care all!


Hope Killian is alright Judy,have to go buy more paint for bedroom today,and more lights for Johns theatre room,he got his hotdog,soda and dancing popcorn yesterday and put them on wall,now he is doing more track lighting back there to highlight it all,it really looks like an old fashioned theatre now! What this man cant do!

May hit Manitou Springs as well,just to sight see shop,love just to get out and enjoy the beauty as spring does its wonders!


It's winter again here too on the Wyoming plains. Just a couple of inches, but supposed to get up to 3" more tonight. I'm not going to complain too much, it's very wet stuff and we need the moisture. At least the wind isn't blowing like it was yesterday before the cold front moved in.

Looks like I'll be headed south down I-25 weekend after next for some SCCA club racing (road racing, not oval). I help crew on a friend's car, which is sort of funny because I never work on my own! I'll wave as I drive down the Front Range to BJ and Korina. Anyone else out there ever watch SCCA races?


Ahoy Afters. Got a cake baking in the oven for GS Austin's 12th birthday...choc-on-choc. Also have the laundry churning.

Just home from running errands. I had to pick up his birthday gift and wanted to go by Home Depot to pick out a new faucet for the kitchen and laundry room sinks. I've been wanting high crook neck kind. A project for Leatherneck next weekend.

Judy glad to hear Killian is improving. I sure hope that back sneeze is nothing serious and clears up soon. I know my pom April had issues with that from time to time.

Not much else happening here. Everyone enjoy their Sunday. I have a long work week ahead of me :( Been spoil with short weeks the past few.