Good Christmas Eve Morning Afters!


Donna - dsw

Good Morning Everyone!

Just got back from taking Jim to the airport. He should be in Orlando at 11:00 am. It will be in the mid 70's there while it is 30 degrees here! lol

Nothing big on the tap for me today. Going to clean house and watch the Christmas movies on TV. At least no snow here. Sounds like bad weather in Chicago and upper North. Might call my sister in Chicago later today and check in with her.

Jim and I had our Christmas last night and he was very good to me! It is hard when we usually just get what we want before Christams. I got a new fuzzy bathrobe that I plan on using later. Also, got alot of bath oil and lotions - think I will soak in the tub later. That will be a nice treat as I never slow down enough to do this.

Hope you all have a great day - - be careful and enjoy. All those who are traveling be safe!


Good Morning Donna and Afters. Donna late last night I was reading that Colleen is very ill. I am terribly sorry to hear that is there any more news? I understand Jim wanting to go back to be with her. But it will also be tough on you to be alone on Christmas. Hugs. Please let us know how things are going with Colleen.

Well yesterday was our immediate family Christmas get together. We had about 25 people here. It was a madhouse. I got up early and cooked and baked and cooked and baked. Yikes I was tired when they all left at 9:30 pm. But that wasn't the end of our day. We then had to sort through about 15 huge mixed boxes of toys I had shipped. We made a big pile for each child and then started wrapping. I saw the short side of 4am this morning as we finished about 95 percent of the wrapping. I have been up since 8am. That daughter of mine is slacking she is still in bed and the boys just woke up and yelled down Grammy are you coming to bring us downstairs. LOL

It has been so much fun but I am getting tired now. I've been living on 4 hours sleep since I arrived. I will fly home mid day tomorrow and Mike said will arrive to a bit of snow. eiy yi yi. And it appears I may run into bad weather along the way.

Oh well it is so good to just be here for Christmas Morning. Everyone have a marvelous Christmas Day and Eve. We will be running to pick up a few things we feel we need to even out the toys. It was good that we got that all sorted last night. Audra says I drive her crazy I am too organized and well planned. Story of my life kidlet it keeps me sane.

Today Mom and Gram and my brother and SIL will come back. I promised them cookie trays. And if I am lucky I will get my brother to help us get the play kitchen which is all wood and huge put together. :lol If not it will be another very long night I fear! =lolgang

Merry Christmas all, the little voices are calling for me.


Donna do hope Coleen is better when Jim gets there. Such a terrible time to be sick when you have children. Hugs and best wishes and prayers for you all during this time. Santa was pretty good to me too-got a pretty new gown and robe, some fleece suits, and some really comphy house shoes to keep me warm from paw.

I plan to curl up in robe and watch movies too today.

Have a good day all just don't overdo.. Happy Holidays


Good morning everyone. Thank you Donna for opening the morning aft deck. Have to go to work today then home to finish wrapping. Donna, if we lived closer I would have you come to our house and celebrate Christmas with us. But as we are in So Cal we can only get you here in cyberspace. Hope eveyone has a wonderful Christmas.


connie seabee

Donna, I'm so sorry to hear that Colleen is still very ill. Is she still running a temp? I will keep her in my prayers.

Tonight our family will get together for Christmas Eve celebration.

Yesterday the weather was awful with such high winds. Fortunately we did not lose our power.

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas.


Donna - I too am sorry that Colleen is sick and that Jim had to go to her. I wish her a speedy recovery. =hug

Today we are just hanging around, believe it or not, but D & I both have a doctor appt. at 11:30. When I called for our appts. I was surprised that they had an opening for today. We are the last two of their day though/ :)

Have a great day Afters!!!


Donna, I sure hope things get better for Colleen. I'm glad that the flight worked out okay, and Jim will be with her. Prayers and good wishes!

Still waiting to see if my DD gets called to fly, so far, nothing. I think they overstaffed the reserves in case of bad weather, and it's clear today, so maybe???

Going to finish up some last minute wrapping today, then I'm going to be like Donna...just take it easy and watch some movies.

Wishing all of you, my good friends, a very Happy Christmas Day!


good morning all
donna I am sorry to hear that colleen still is not doing better I will remember her in my prayers.
I am planning on a quiet day I have done all my shopping for christmas dinner we have enouft food for a army instead of 5 people. dd has left for work at Macy she hates it but will have to put up with it for two more days and then look for a real job. Weather is getting warmer but is not going to stay that way but I don't have any planns to go anywhere so it does not matter to me. Everyone have a nice day and keep- warm