Gala nights


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While on the Westerdam and the Zaandam there is one thing I noticed on the Gala nights in the main dining room and that would be that a lot of tables are empty on these nights. I am not debating whether Gala nights are good or bad I am just saying that on both ships less people are showing up for the Gala nights. You may think that perhaps they went to the specialty restaurants, however so many people were missing there is no way they all went to the specialty restaurants. You would also see more people in regular clothes in the other public areas and less people in formal wear.

I also noticed that less people seemed to line up for formal pictures and there appeared to be a lot less photo's exhibited for people to purchase. I do not know if there are less pictures due to people buying photo packages or just the fact people are having less pictures taken. I will say the photographers did not bother people as much for pictures. If they did ask you and you said no that was the end of it they just moved on. They also were not taking as many pictures as you left the ship in the ports but that may have been due to the fact that it rained in almost every port we were in. They did set up near the area that you walked off the ship onboard a couple times or under a canopy outside a few times.


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I think with everybody's digital devices that take easy quick and better quality all the time the ships guys are a dying breed. The way the pics show up on the TV on X now is getting better too. The can organize groups rooms etc and they never need to make it to the "Photo Gallery" There are issues still with this but getting better.

Gala Night/Formal nights.....are almost things of the past. Heading out soon on a cruise and i'm not taking anything formal at all. Well I will take one tie just in case. lol. We did cruise in a group last year and most of us agreed to suit up. Made for some fun but even in our group there were several that opted out.
Times change.....