Dining and Beverage prices?


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I've only ever cruised with Princess, but we're looking at Royal Caribbean for next year. Looking at the website, it doesn't tell you how much the dining and beverage costs. Can anyone give me a ballpark? With Princess it's included, and drinks are £40 per day, per person, but Royal Caribbean only tell you this after you've made a reservation.

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You can Google for exact numbers but drink pkg is about $70/day per person. And both people in the cabin must buy it. Main dining room, Windjammer buffet, Sorento Pizza and little sandwichs are free. Specialty dining in various restaurants costs about $45 and up per person.

George C

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I will try to check we but we get free WiFi for our suites and since rccl now gives Diamond plus 5 free drinks, I didn’t buy package recently. I know currently celebrity is charging a hundred or so a day .


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Pre cruise prices on our Mediterranean Cruise, wifi is 16.99/day, soda package is 8.99pp/pd, non alcoholic is 26.99pp/pd, and alcoholic is 69.99pp/pd.

I did a bunch of research yesterday and found that sodas are usually $3ea, mocktails are somewhere around $7, and alcoholic drinks are between $6-13? I'm not100% sure on that last one as I don't drink & didn't pay that close attention.


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We have a cruise booked for March '24. Currently drink prices for that cruise are $83.99 per person/per day for Deluxe Package, $33.99 per person/per day for the Refreshment package. There are few other ones available if you want more info.