Cruise @ddicts Roll Call


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We haven't had a Roll Call in ages. How about giving our name/Board name and general area of where we live?

Mary Ann, aka ShipMaven, and Pucci, aka Wonder Woof
from the Phoenix, AZ metro area. - Delighted to be here.


Cruise cutie

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Joanne AKA Cruise Cutie
Mark AKA Cruise Hubby

and Wendy Cat too..:whistle:she picks her show up times......

from Central Vermont...:smile:....


Awaiting results of mental evaluation
John (aka: Calgon1, Enforcer Duck and/or Court Jester) and Patricia (aka: SunFlower Star)

Also, Sir Cody

Village of Clinton, (middle of nowhere) South-Eastern Michigan


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Karin/kpopperwell & Randy (DH) from Azusa CA (just outside Los Angeles) along with our multiple furbabies.


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We are Evie (gram) & Joe with our three fur babies cats, confetti, sweetie and baby from Springdale Pennsylvania (outside of Pittsburgh).


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Laurey / WCoastCdnCruisers from Cloverdale (sub of Vancouver) BC - summer of home of a "few" ships for their Alaska season
Nothing on the books right now ... have a roof to redo and teeth to replant! lol


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Tobyn, Bread, Megs, KT, Gavin, Rylee (Kt's furbaby), and Timber (Bread's furbaby), all from beautiful Fairbanks North Star Borough outside of North Pole, Alaska.