Creating your own Personal Album on Cruise Addicts


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John is encouraging members to join in and create their own personel photo albums to visually share experiences with other memeber. He says it's easy, well it is.
So here is the easy basic way to create your own personal album and start sharing.
In the future we will be adding tip and tricks to make it even easier and more fun to share with the community.

create album.png

First open the Photo/Videos tab from the menu bar
Then open the add Photo/Videos tab from the sub menu​

Those selections will open a pop-up window (make sure you have Cruise Addicts set to allow pop-up windows)
Then select Create personal album from the pop-up window​

That selection will open the Create and Title window
Here you upload at least one picture and give your album a title​

If you see this pop-up window you either did not upload a picture or add a title
Click the X to close the pop-up and recheck. The most common error is forgetting to add the title​

When you click on the upload file icon it will automatically open your desktop explorer, from there you can navigate to
where the file you wish to upload is located or stored. Once you locate the file click on it and it will start uploading to the album​


Once the upload has completed the uploading window will close and you will see a thumbnail of the upload.
If you are satisfied with the result click the save button at the bottom of the screen , if you are not happy with
it just click the delete button and it will return your to the upload window where you can start the process over

Once you click save you will know your album has been crated
if you see the following window

You have just created your first album