Clothes steamer

Eddie Jo

I am cruising on NCL Star soon. I bought a hand held clothes steamer since they don't have launderettes where irons may be used. What are the chances that they will confiscate it? I realize that we can have things pressed but with 6 people an emergency wrinkle situation
is bound to arise.:)


Staff Captain
Ironically, I had never heard that question until yesterday. Someone called our agency to ask the same question, perhaps it was you. :shrug:

The agent who took the call asked me and I didn't know so we looked it up. Clothes steamers are among the "not allowed" items. That said, If I want to bring a "not allowed" item on a bottle of rum or something...I always put it in my checked bag, the one I give to the baggage porter. In 21 cruises I have never had anything removed.

One thing that works wonders is Downey wrinkle free spray. Susan always bring some. Just spray it on the wrinkles, smooth it out with a clean washcloth and no more wrinkles. It works very well on those minor wrinkles you were talking about. :eek:k:

Hope you enjoy your wrinkle free cruise!! :spyglass: