Carnival selling the refillable souvenir cups?


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Is Carnival still selling the refillable, insulated souvenir cups? The last time we cruised in 2018, we bought the cups and were able to get soft-drink refills for free. We just booked another cruise and I can’t find that anywhere on there website. Anyone have any insight?


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They currently have a package they call Bottomless Bubbles, runs $8-9 a day for adults but not sure if it includes a souvenir insulated cup.

Enjoy ice-cold refreshments during meals, during shows, during, well... anytime you want with Bottomless Bubbles. This unlimited soda program lets you indulge in all-you-can-drink soda and juice for the full length of your cruise. Sweet! Bottomless Bubbles is available for purchase at the Lobby, Casino and Pool Bars.

Restrictions apply.
  • Non-transferable and may not be shared. Guests or family members who would like to enjoy soft drinks through this program must purchase their own sticker.
  • One beverage serving, per sticker, will be served at a time.
  • Soft drink is served by the glass (16 ounces); juice is served by the glass (10 ounces).
  • Cannot be used through room service or the Interactive TV system, where applicable, or the minibar, where applicable.
  • Program is only applicable for onboard purchases.