Carnival Mardi Gras Bolt Roller Coaster

Mark Jeter

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I am currently booked for the June 26, 2021 sailing out of Port Canaveral. Can anyone tell me how, or when, I can sign up for the Bolt ride? I know it costs extra and I want to ensure my family has an early opportunity to ride this attraction.


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Do we really think this is going to happen?
I'm booked on the same ship in July

Since this ship has yet to sail with guests, no one really knows, but I'm guessing you will have to wait until you are on board to book that experience.


I'm on Island Time
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Hi, We are booked in late July. I have not heard how they plan on handling this but, I'm certain they will have it figured out. It may be as easily as getting in line for it or make a reservation window time.

Hopefully we'll see very soon! I'm trying to be confidant.