Carnival a has been cruise line


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Carnival cruise line is going down hill real fast. Besides the very run down ships in need of severe repairs and upgrade, poor service, no staff, poor food, the same cheap shows day after day, the poor activities, now they want to charge you $5 anytime you order something extra for dinner.

This has now become the ghetto of all cruise lines I would never go with them again after having experience so many other cruise lines that are head and shoulders above this poor excuse for a cruise line. They are trying to make up as much money as they can due to the loss they had.

Yes this was a cheap fare cruise line now it has become just a cheap run down cruise line. They will need to come up substantially if they want all 7 of my family to return.


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We have been on 20 Carnival cruises, 4 Disney, and a spattering of others over the last 35 years. We have NEVER been disappointed with Carnival. We have NEVER had a bad experience. Their consistency is actually remarkable over the years. In fact, we were told the EXACT same thing last week on the Pride that we were told 35 years ago -- "If you don't like anything about your dinner, just let us know, and we will fix it or get you something else. We want you to be completely satisfied." Some of the ships are older, and we occasionally see rust in some out of the way places, but the interior of the ships have always been taken care of very well. Our service has been spectacular over the years. The thing that stands out the most for us though, is the friendliness of the staff. No matter where you are on the ship, there is an employee smiling and saying "Hello" or "Have a nice day." The only other place I've seen that is Disney.

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Carnival cruise lines is the only ships I’ve sailed other than USCG Cutter Basswood, ocean going 180’ buoy tender 2-1/2 year cruise. Carnival has NEVER let us down! Carnival fun ships are the best although after 6 cruises, this is the very first cruise where we received a $200 ships credit. Just wondering why as we have talked probably 75 people into cruising and about half of those were on the cruises we were on! And now I’m hearing that purchasing a cruise on your own, they received $500 in ships credit! What gives with that? I still cherish EVERY Carnival cruise I’ve been on! After my next Caribbean cruise I have 8 days to go to become Platinum member! And to thing nearing the required days and getting the very first comp. Just sayin…