Can I visit the Bahamas and Labadee on the same cruise?


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I never went on a cruise. In december I would like to try it.

I would like to visit the Bahamas and Labadee on the same trip.
But so far, from what I saw online, I'm not sure if it's possible.

So I was wondering if it is.

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Without a lot of checking the answer is Likely yes. I haven't been to the Bahama's but my understanding of the place is that it it's farily ho hum in the general scheme of Caribbean spots.
So... my easy answer is Labadee is a Private stop for Royal Caribbean owned ships.. So that would mean RCL and Celebrity ships stop there. So check out their web site for cruises to both places.

I would also recommend that another easy way would be to contact a cruise only Travel Agent and let them do the research for you.