Alaska's Real Inside Passage. ..UPDATE on Who goes there..


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The recent Costa tragedy has all sorts of side bars...this is one that I thought I would pass on.

The complete article is at :Cruise ship catastrophe unlikely in B.C., experts say

and it is about thoughts on a similar incident taking place while on an Alaska Cruise in particular out of Vancouver.

Kevin Obermeyer the President and CEO of the Pacific Pilotage Authority says in part of his interview...and I quote the article from the Vancouver sun.

"The narrowest passage that the ships traverse is the Seymour Narrows near Campbell River and they don't sail the Inside Passage to Alaska any more "

Think about that the next time a brochure of some cruiseline claims otherwise.


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Thank you for your post, BSea.

I'm happy they officially agree with what I've been saying about Seymour Narrows and the Inside Passage (especially northbound) for years! Of course, the way I've phrased that is tongue in cheek - but I HAVE been commenting about Seymour Narrows and the Inside Passage for years. Safety is never a joking matter. Only the smaller ships cruise the Inside Passage northbound nowadays IF the tides and other sea conditions are favorable, otherwise the ships sailing from Vancouver head out to sea.